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Our Story

After learning about the harmful toxins that could be found in personal care products, our founder set out to replace her products with clean and sustainable options.

After struggling to find products that met these standards, she was determined to create a skincare line that was not only safe, but also beautiful to use.

With that mission in mind, she set out to create a clean, fragrance-free, vegan and cruelty-free skincare line that would still invoke the luxurious self care experience everyone deserves.

By partnering with an award winning chemist, she was able to create the products you see today. PRYMORA products are a blend of science and nature that bring multiple benefits to the skin while containing high quality, sustainable ingredients. We never compromise on our high standards, and ensure that every ingredient we use is thoroughly reviewed for safety and effectiveness.

Our Mission

At PRYMORA, we believe that a daily skincare routine should be a moment in the day to slow down and practice self-care, without having to compromise on safety. Our mission is to redefine how people view clean and sustainable skincare and create products that are not only pleasant to use, but are safe for you and the planet too.

By shopping with us, you are supporting a clean beauty journey that will continue to evolve to meet the highest clean and sustainable standards. Thank you for being here and supporting our mission, we couldn't do it without you. 

Our Values


We source our ingredients carefully, use minimal packaging, and sell our products in glass containers whenever possible in order to decrease our carbon footprint.


Our goal is to create quality products that impact the industry in a positive way while formulating to meet the highest standards of clean skincare. Each ingredient we use is reviewed for safety and effectiveness.


We are very open about the ingredients we use in our products. We take your feedback seriously and continually work on improving our formulas. Have questions about our brand or products? We are always here to answer.